Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Patterns from organic shapes and textures (My obsession of 2012)

This past Fall 2012 semester I based all of my work around the textures and shapes found in nature. I was originally inspired by the gorgeous variety of textures I saw in Italy while taking a class this summer. 

I took macro style photographs of items such as bark, my pet diamondback terrapin's belly, moss and car light trails to create designs. I then used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create these patterns for the purpose of textile use. I printed these patterns onto silk as well as a spandex material. I created scarves and canvas wraps from these organic graphic designs. 

I have been inspired by Under Armour's designs on clothing as well as other fashion designers who use a basis in photography to create a textile pattern. I call this series Artistically Athletic.


Diamondback terrapin belly

MD Terp

car light trails

moss in black

moss in white

Silk printing of moss pattern made into a scarf

My focus this past Fall 2012 semester in Experimental Media was to print my patterns onto textile like materials. This material is Silk and is similar to scarf material. Ideally I would have liked to create an actual piece of clothing such as leggings or a sports bra out of this pattern but a scarf was the closest item I could make in the time frame presented to me. 

My patterns placed on UA clothing ads

Movie Animation Displaying a couple of my recent patterns

This is a movie/animation created with Adobe After Effects and iMovie. It is meant to display two of my patterns and the roots of how I made the patterns through Illustrator. At the end it will show two ads that I created in Photoshop to display my work on Under Armour clothing.

Diamond Back Terrapin Design on Phone Cases

These are two phone cases I made that display my Terrapin pattern. The first is to honor Maryland Colors and the second is bright colors.   

Dupont Nature Center movie

Video created for Intro to Visual Thinking to show a trip to Dupont Nature Center located in Slaughter Beach, DE. This is also one of the locations that my photography is sold.